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My name is J.B. I work as a dissertation writing expert at this service. Today I want to share my own insight into the process, unravel most vital pitfalls and provide some useful tips.


Remember the first time I wrote IT. That was the End-of-the-World.

Challenging. Back-breaking. Astoundingly time-taking.

I slept 4 hours a day and even lost some weight. In half a year the job was done. It was hard to write dissertation on my own but I managed. Unfortunately the amount of credits I earned was lower than expected.

Anger and fury took me. I worked hard yet the results disappointed me. After a while when the storm in my head weathered, I realized that they were right. In fact I wrote so vigorously and restlessly that omitted lots of minor errors and technical mistakes.

I learned the lesson.

I learned it GOOD. During the time of my cooperation with this dissertation writing service I have already accomplished 5 orders of this particular academic difficulty. All of them were peerless [57, 59, 56, 60, 60].

Do you want to know how I do it?

Dissertation writers and their secrets

When I take a dissertation writing task, I concentrate. I clear off all side thoughts and focus on the assignment. A cup of strong coffee helps me a lot [I bet you have a favorite mind-booster as well].

First and foremost, I pay attention to the following scope of questions:

  1. A. What is thetopic of my future work?
  2. B. What exactly am I required to do?
  3. C. What is the required volume?
  4. D. How many chapters does it have to include?

All in all the whole activity itself is divided into 3 main parts: Research, Writing, and Editing. Professional dissertation writers do a solid preparation before getting down to Microsoft Office. Self-correction is another good share of job to be done.

Let’s talk about each of the three in brief. It’s not difficult at all.

I promise.

Always start with a research

Familiarize with your topic as much as possible. As that’s what I usually do.

Having to expand an already existing scope of knowledge and discover new horizons in a certain field of study by the means of writing dissertation I prefer being well-prepared and armed with as many literature as possible. Moreover clients usually state the list of necessary literature to be used so it makes it easier a little bit.

HINT: Download already written and submitted papers on similar topics. Why? Because they are one of the greatest sources of inspiration. A marvelous list of do’s and don’ts.

Write FROM SCRATCH. That’s an undisputed condition of writing dissertation which earns maximum credits. Ready to proceed next?

The heart of your work


After the topic is researched and referential materials are structured, and the plan is ready, and notes are made…

…I start telling my work.

All in all you have to introduce 11 chapters: Cover Page, Abstract, Acknowledgments, Table of Contents, Introduction, Literature Review, Findings, Discussion, Conclusions, References, and Appendices.

Supervisors usually provide an extensive guide to each of them. Read carefully and write dissertation in stages. In the Post Scriptum section of my article I’m sharing some tips on this particular issue.

Learn them.

When all chapters are done…

…sleep on them. Give it some time to have a nice rest. Let your brain restore energy and then get down to self-editing.

Look for various types of mistakes, typos and stylistic discrepancies. At dissertation writing services experts proofread their works bazillions of times unless the last flow and sound perfect. Moreover you might want to suggest new ideas or add new paragraphs with more data or findings.

Pay SPECIAL attention to referencing. It’s important.

P.S.: 14 hints you DO want using

Now, as I promised, here are my secret tips on how to cope with dissertation writing x3 faster and in a more quality fashion.

  1. Write Non-Stop. Let your ideas coming out on paper. Edit only when the “conscience flow” is over. Inspiration’s on the first place. Always.
  2. Do the Planning. Premeditate on what you are going to do tomorrow. Don’t rush. Move gradually from page to page.
  3. Outline’s First. What do they do at dissertation writing services to fasten the process up? They get an outline. Having a clear structure stops the mind from scattering. Comes with practice.
  4. Outline’s First 2.0. Mark each paragraph with a one-line sentence. Then place relevant quotes where necessary.
  5. Fly Through Chapters. I encourage you to start from Findings and end with Acknowledgments. Any variant of yours will do fine. Write about what your inspiration tells you.
  6. From Stuart Little to Mr. Big. Set small objectives to achieve greater goals. Small tasks are assumed to be easier than big ones. Another mind trick it is.
  7. Watch the Time. The dissertation writing can take you no more than 7 hours per day. Start the work FAR in advance of the submission.
  8. Make Pauses. Have 10 minute coffee or tea, or whatever-your-favorite-refreshment-is breaks. Each hour of writing ends with a small rest. Your mind needs it.
  9. Clean Up. Work only in the tidy surrounding. Use your vacuum cleaner before switching the PC on.
  10. Change the View.Great minds usually take a walk or go to another room when they are low on ideas. Why? Because it is there where inspiration dwells.
  11. Consult. Show your academic achievements to friends, fellow students or… supervisors. It’ll help you moving in the right direction.
  12. Eat Ice-Cream. Encourage yourself. Eat some goodies to improve the mood and restore your physical energy.
  13. Productiveness Comes First. More than 10 pages of nonsense cost 1,000,000 times less than a page of a solid content filled page. That’s what competent dissertation writing services instruct their specialists to do. Stick to quality. Such approach works well for me too.
  14. Revise. Start each day with revising what you wrote yesterday. It’s an excellent practice of tuning into the beat of working day after day.


That’s all I wanted to share with you. This knowledge enables me to do the job up to the mark. Therefore it will be of great use for you too.

Start writing in advance, read instructions carefully and provide original content only!